ASCEND Counseling and Recovery Services

I worked with ASCEND to design and develop a website that displays news, company events, and photos while also being able to accept donations via Stripe and allow users to apply for positions at the company.

Tools: React, GatsbyJS, Node.js, Contentful, Stripe


Don8t is a proof of concept website developed to demonstrate the Payment Request API, a W3C standard candidate that will assist in receiving online payments. Developed using Gatsby and Node.js, Don8t will use Google Pay or Apple Pay, depending on your browser.

Tools: GatsbyJS, Node.js, Stripe


OrderUpp is an online ordering service that uses Stripe to accept payments. It also takes advantage of Google Firebase's authentication services so that users can view their past orders.

Tools: React, Redux, Firebase

Personal Website

This website was a personal project of mine that I used to learn a few cool technologies. Built using Gatsby, a static site generator, this website pulls data from my various social media platforms using their respective APIs and uses Contentful, a content management system, to store information about my projects.

Tools: React, GatsbyJS, GraphQL, Contentful

Willis Murphy Advantage Website

I worked with Willis Murphy Advantage, an insurance agency in the Cincinnati area, to create a web application for their business using React. The website includes features such as online claims reporting and quote requests.

Tools: React, Node.js, Twitter API